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17, chronically ill and disabled with a service dog and mobility aids. Advocate on Instagram hoping for a more accessible world🤍

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233 west Carr drive La Follette, TN


Applewood farmhouse restaurant

I came to this restaurant with my family. 4 able bodied and me and my niece who are both disabled. My niece is in a wheelchair and I have a mobility service dog who helps me walk. When we went inside to be seated and asked to sit outside the waitress made us walk around the whole restaurant outside to get to the seating instead of going through the restaurant like everyone else. She said it was because of my dog which is illegal to do so and inconsiderate to make disabled people go the long way because of their medical equipment. When we were ready to leave we were going to walk through the restaurant to leave cause there was a ramp and we should be allowed to. We walked up the ramp and when we got inside there were stairs and no ramp to get to the exit. Why have one ramp but then stairs with no ramp? So instead we had to leave through the emergency exit and go through the grass which is hard with a wheelchair. Overall the food was good and there was a accessible bathroom but it does not excuse their inaccessible restaurant.

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